Psykolog Berta vishnivetz, ph.d.
Masnedøgade 20, 2.sal.
2100 København Ø.
Tel. +45 - 2252 2507
Courses, Workshops, Lectures

I offer courses, workshops and lectures. All activities include: a theoretic review, how to apply the theme in one's private and /or professional life. First, I make a survey of some of the possible topics in order to develop in a workshop or lecture. I then devise a program in cooperation with the institution's aim and interests

Stress management and prevention, personal stress, stress at work, stress in the family space, stress when studying or because of exams

Loss, crisis, grief

Eutony and well being

Pain management

Health and body


Resilience communication

The duration of the workshop , lecture is planned with the organisation that books it. It may last half a day , a whole day, or even up to several days or weeks if the institution is interested in embodying and mastering the skills.

The number of participants is similarly decided with the organization that books the course

Fees are fixed according to the course's duration, number of participants, level of difficulty, etc.