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Stress management

Stress may be defined as a dynamic process and as a state of imbalance that is caused by several and complex interactions between the person and her /his environment.

Stress has become the most pervasive imbalance among Danish people and in people worldwide in present times.

Stress can manifest itself through a variety of symptoms: muscle tensions, restlessness, recurrent headaches, tiredness, negative thoughts, irritability, feeling speeded up and not being able to stop, digestive difficulties.

It takes few minutes to release these stress reactions (the physiologic alarm state) then it takes a minimum of two hours to recover a state of balance / to come back to yourself again.

Each person experiences stress in a unique and individual way. And many people do not realize that they are suffering from stress.

But stress may "be stopped" and the person recovers her /his balance and even he/she may have learnt about his/her resources to cope with life's stressors and difficulties. The earlier one realizes that one is stressed and seeks help, the faster may he /she recover.