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On Body Therapy

To be able to feel /sense your body is the first step to a better understanding of your feelings and actions, and to find a solution to some of your quests /life situations.

Many of the problems we experience in everyday life manifest in the body in different ways as e.g. pain, frequent headaches, tachycardia, recurrent colds, tiredness, restlessness, insomnia, digestive problems, and muscle tension. These are the body's alarm signals, appealing to you to stop and feel yourself and consider and ask yourself: what is happening with me? What am I doing and how, and why?

During the session, you learn how to focus on your body sensations and signals while moving and or interacting with others to achieve a better understanding of feelings and thoughts or intentions that you carry and convey to your environment, sometimes unaware of them. To learn how to be attentive to what your senses inform you may result in a more accurate feeling of what your body signals communicate.

An individual session lasts 60 minutes. The encounter /session, takes place in a pleasant and calm atmosphere. You will have time to feel at ease and to give yourself the time to talk about what you feel, what you like and what you need.