Psykolog Berta vishnivetz, ph.d.
Masnedøgade 20, 2.sal.
2100 København Ø.
Tel. +45 - 2252 2507
On Berta Vishnivetz

I came to Denmark from Argentina in 1972 in order to study Eutony at the Gerda Alexander School in Copenhagen, because of my engagement and interest in understanding and mastering in depth body-mind unity. I received my degree as a Eutony pedagogue and therapist in 1974.

I continued studying psychology at the University of Copenhagen where I gained my Cand. Psych. degree in 1984. I continued my research on body -mind unity by studying "The Expression of Emotions" as the thesis for my Ph.d. degree at the University of Copenhagen. The empirical studies were done UC Berkeley and San Francisco University, USA.

I have conducted research studies in stress management and prevention among nurses in a Danish hospital; and I participated in an multinational study about "Display Rules of Emotion" in collaboration with 33 Universities all over the world. The chief researcher was Dr. D. Matsumoto from San Francisco State University.

At present I am a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University College Metropol -Institute of Social Work . I teach the following subjects: health psychology, workshops on loss and crisis, grief, and trauma; culture and transcultural Psychology and Psychiatry and, stress management, creativity, empowerment and; community psychology.

In my clinical practice I offer psychotherapy, body therapy and, Eutony to individuals or, groups. I also offer lectures, courses, and workshops