Psykolog Berta vishnivetz, ph.d.
Masnedøgade 20, 2.sal.
2100 København Ø.
Tel. +45 - 2252 2507
How I work

In the therapeutic encounter (between the person and me) we create a space where you can express , your worries, problems and everyday actions and relations. We focus on these issues that you feel concerned with. We consider them from different perspectives in order to coming to a more clear and nuanced understanding of them. May be you will even find a solution.

This process may be experienced through

Your motives /reasons to get in touch with me, may be various for example: grief, feeling blue, stress, anxiety, existential questions, or your own curiosity and interest in living an authentic life.

It is frequent that psychological disturbances are expressed through physical symptoms.

You will learn some relaxation exercises, if you want to, as a complementary tool for your growth process.